How to Take the Good Chance to Perform iPod File Recovery

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recover iPod fileApple is the most famous name in MP3 Players multimedia portable players. The iPod has taken the music world by storm and every time a new one is released it seems to break all previous barriers. The iPod is popular for a reason though. As well as being durable and very advanced it features access to iTunes. iTunes is the Internet’s largest music store and allows iPod users to download tracks to their computer or to their MP3 player. iTunes has also become huge in terms of popularity.

Recover Lost File from iPod Touch, Classic

When you’re in the business of writing about data recovery topics for freelancer and profit, there is always a question going: “How to recover my files that deleted accidentally for my iPod Touch?”

Generally speaking, there is no difficulty in answering such a specialized question. However, for a newbie of electronic products, or if he is not programmer, it’s not easy to figure out an effective method to recover lost files from iPod by himself. So there are lots of scenarios online to guide you how to recover lost files for iPod or even iPod Touch.

In order to give the iPod users a simple and efficient tutorial to solve the problem they asked, I’ve decided to point the way in the hope that it will be the most helpful method to fix the problem of iPod files recovery.

The three steps below allow you to undelete iPod files successfully and seamlessly.

Steps for iPod File Recovery

Step one. Grab a professional iPod data recovery software for Mac or Windows. Here I take uFly iPod File Recovery for Mac for example. (If you are using Windows PC, have a try on iPod Lost File Recovery for Windows version) After my testing, uFlysoft program is one of easiest operation, and you don’t need to read user manual at all if you use it for the first time.iPod data recovery

Step two. When downloading and run this iPod file recovery program, you should connect iPod Touch/Classic to Macintosh machine. And then click “Scan” button to search the deleted music files on this iPod.

Step Three. After a few seconds, you will get a list of scanning files on the left side of interface, then it’s time for you to select which file you want to restore. Just click-on “Preview” button to preview if these files are your requirements (Pay attention, only the picture file can be previewed), if yes, hit the check boxes and then to save them on Mac.


1. After iPod data recovery is finished, remember build a backup for the recovered data to avoid the file loss happen again.

2. For more information about data recovery and big discount, visit our official website uFly studio.

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