How to Recovver Lost Contacts from iPhone 5C

how to get iphone 5c contacts back“Before I could backup my iPhone 5C, I accidentally deleted the whole contact list on it. Now I can only find some of them from the call history, with no names. I used an Android phone before, erased the whole data and gave it to my sister. I can’t find my contacts anywhere now. I’ve called Apple, but still clueless. How can I recover the deleted contacts from my iPhone 5C? Do I have any chance now? Please let me know it if you have a clue. Thanks in advance.”

When you have ever synced your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, it will be pretty easy to restore your contacts from the backup. Without a backup, you need to change a way: try to directly scan your iPhone and recover deleted contacts. This is the best way to get you out of the trouble. In fact, the deleted contacts are not gone immediately, unless they are overwritten by new data. So what you should pay attention is stop using your iPhone and perform the recovery ASAP.

iPhone 5C contacts recovery: retrieve deleted contacts in 3 steps

What you need is: uFly File Recovery Tool for iOS (Mac Version) or File Recovery Tool for iOS (Windows OS Version).

Note: This iOS data recovery software can directly scan all iOS devices, iPhone 5C included. It has no technical skill requirement. The whole procedure can be completed in 3 steps: scan, preview and recover. All computer users can do it without any extra study work. Download and install the program below, and then use it according to the friendly windows. Now let’s take Mac version as example to show you and check out the detailed steps with the easy-to-use photo guidance below.

Step 1. Run the program

No matter you use the Windows or Mac version of the program, switch to this recovery mode: Recover from iTunes Backup File on the top. Then connect your iPhone to the computer and you’ll see the window like below.step for iphone contact rescue

Step 2. Scan your iPhone

Next, you can scan your iPhone now. Simply click the Start button appearing on the window above. Then the program will begin scanning your iPhone 5C as follows.recover iphone data guidance

Step 3. Preview and recover iPhone 5C contacts

The scan will take you a few minutes. You’ll see a scan result as follows after the completion of the scan. There, you can preview all details of the recoverable contacts by clicking Contacts on the left side. Check them one by one and tick the items you want. At last, you can recover them all to your computer with one click on the Recover button at the lower right corner.guidance for iphone 5c contact recovery

Note: Just as you see on the window above, you’ll find the deleted (shown in orange) and the existing (shown in black) contacts on your iPhone.

Tips for You

No matter how high-tech your iOS device is, sometimes due to some unexpected reasons the data will be lost, so remember this boring but very useful tips: Build the backup is always the king. To learn more about the iOS device file recovery you can check the previous articles.

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