How to Recover Notes on iPhone with the Easy-to-Use Data Recovery Tool

recover iPhone dataOn the computer, when we mistakenly delete something, we can undo it by restore it from the trash or the recycle bin. How about on the iPhone? Can we also undelete something like notes, when we wrongly delete them? There is no trash or recycle bin. So we can’t undo it as we do on the computer, but there is another way.

Generally notes are still there at the moment when you deleted them, unless you write lots of new data on your iPhone to overwrite them. Hence, you’d better power off your iPhone or set it into the flight mode, so that you can get a greater chance to undelete notes on your iPhone. To do it, you need an iPhone notes undeleting tool at first. Don’t have one? Why not try uFly software for iPhone Data Recovery  Mac OS version or  for Windows version? Both are 100% safe and effective for you to recover notes on iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS.

Recover iPhone Notes in 3 Steps

Next, let’s try to recover iPhone notes with uFly iPhone data recovery for Mac as an example. If you’re a Windows user, you also can take similar steps with the Windows version of the program.

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

To get started, choose a recovery mode here: Recover from iOS Device, which allows you to directly scan your iPhone to undelete notes. Then connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Scan your iPhone

Just as the interface shows to you, iPhone 5/4S users can simply click the Start button to scan your iPhone. While the iPhone 4/3GS users need to get into the scanning mode at first. You can follow the description in the program’s window or the list below to do it:

1. Hold your iPhone and click the Start button.

2. Press Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

3. After 10 seconds, release Power button, but keep holding Home for another 15 seconds.

Then the software will scan your iPhone by itself after you get into the scanning mode.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Notes from iPhonerecover iPhone data

Actually you can begin to preview the scanned data when the scan is in progress. At the left side, there are categories of the data found on your iPhone. Click Notes to preview details. Check those you want and click Recover to save them on your computer. Now, your iPhone notes are undeleted.

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want deleted ones, you can separate them by using the slide button on the top: Only display the deleted items.

Kindly Tips for You

1. To protect your files, build a backup for them is strongly needed.

2. Don’t use your Mac/Window PC/Storage Device after data loss happened.

3. For more data recovery software and big discount, please visit our official website uFly studio.

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