How to Recover Lost Video Files from iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

iphone 5 lost file rescueSince the release of iPhone 5 and iOS 7 system, many users have been annoyed with videos on their iPhone 5 been mistakenly deleted or missing without any reason, as well as saved videos are missing when upgrading the system of your iPhone 4S to iOS 6 system. Those camera roll videos are always memorable and wonderful. It would be a great loss of missing them forever.

As we all know, iTunes is good enough for recovering deleted iPhone videos or pictures. But since every time you sync your iPhone 5 with iTunes, your old iPhone 5 iTunes backup will be covered, it is always hard to find back those missing videos.

uFly Mac iPhone File Recovery Software or for Window OS iPhone File Recovery Program is a great tool for you to recover camera roll videos from your iPhone 5/4S, even those videos have been deleted or lost for a very long time. It makes full use of your iPhone’s backup file on iTunes. With this tool, you can recover deleted or lost iPhone 5/4S camera roll videos and export them on your computer easily.

2 Easy Steps to Retrieve Videos from iPhone 5 or iPnone 4S

Step 1. Extract your iPhone’s backup file on iTunes

Run the File Recovery software on your Windows PC (Mac version is the same), and click “Recover from iTunes Backup File” on the top of the main window. Then you will see the window below. Here all iTunes backup files on your computer will be displayed automatically. Choose the one for your iPhone 5/4S and click “Start Scan” to extact it.steps for recovering iphone files

Note: Do remember not to connect and sync your iPhone with iTunes when running this program, otherwise your backup will be covered easily.

Step 2. Recover videos deleted from your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

When the scan is over, files scanned from your iTunes backup will be extracted and displayed in categories. You can choose the videos, normally in .mov format, from Camera roll category, and then click Recover to save them to your computer. What videos or files you want to recover from the backup for your iPhone 5/4S is all up to you. It’s simple enough.steps of iphone 5 data recovery

Note: We strongly recommend you keep a good habit of backing-up videos you shoot with your iPhone 5 on your computer, so that you can get them at any time you want to.

Key Features of File Recovery for iPhone 5/4S:

1. A reliable tool to recover both deleted and lost videos from iPhone 5/iPhone 4S, and other Apple devices.

2. Extract iTunes backup files quickly and save them to your computer easily.

3. Selectively recover whatever camera videos you want to recover.

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