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iphone recovery for winPlease pay attention, here we say that we can solve the problem (recovery solution) does not means you use iTunes or iTools to restore the data or files from the Backup. Someone may ask that what do you mean? I want tell you is if you accidentally delete the things which are not needed to be deleted and have no backup, this data recovery software can help you to get the files back.

Requirements of Using Data Recovery Software

1. iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/iPad1/iPod Touch 4G (No matter Jailbreak or not.)

2.The files have not been overwritten by new data. (As the same as the data recovery on Mac. That means if you wrongly delete files, you should stop using you iPhone to send message, take photos, make phone calls, etc. This avoids new files overwrite the old one.) But I successfully recover the video files I deleted one month ago.

3. System: Windows 7/Vista/XP

4. Support English

You can also recover the files for your iPhone if you really have backup but if not, we can use this software and choose our iPhone and then start recovery operation.

But the thing we need to pay attention is that the latest photos you took may need to take times to run the recovery process if didn’t see it in the recovered files. Or you may wait for a few days and then run the software to recovery them. The situation is different from every one’s iPhone, and the chance of recovery is also different. If you obey the rules (means you stop using your phone to avoid overwritten) then you have a bigger chance to get files back, if not, you just have to trust to luck.

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