How to Recover Files from Trash on Mac

How to Recover Files from Trash on MacWhat do you do when you have not only deleted a very important file from your Mac but you have also deleted it from the Trash folder? Is it possible to recover data from a Trash folder that has been emptied? The answer to these questions is yes.

You’ll be surprised to know that among all the reasons loss of files, accidental deletion, followed by formatting of the hard drive are the most common. And if this even happened on a Windows computer, it could be easier. But when it happens on a Mac computer where it is very difficult to get data recovery tools that work, it can be a real pain.

In Mac systems, the Trash Bin is where all the files that have been deleted get sent to. But because the deleted files will still take the amount of space they occupied before deletion, most users prefer to go even further to delete the files from the Trash Bin.

Unfortunately, you realize too late that you just emptied a very important file that you mistakenly deleted along with the Trash Bin. That right there is the most popular reasons for loss of data on Mac, hence the need for tools to recover these files.

Data recovery from Mac Trash can be tricky most times. For starters, when you delete a file on your Mac, it will get sent to Trash. From there, you can recover your file at any time. But immediately the Trash Bin is emptied, it becomes impossible within the limits of the Mac to recover the files.

Third-party tools like uFly can come to the rescue in instances like these. The tools will recover your deleted, lost or emptied files for you. All you need to do is follow these steps and your lost or deleted files will be found and recovered:

  1. Click “Scan” to find the lost files on your hard drive. Open the uFly tool and choose the type of files you are looking for and then click “continue”. Select the partition where your file was before it got lost and click “Scan” to begin a search of your lost files.
  2. Preview, look through the files and decide the ones you want to recover. Once the scan is done, all the files that have ever been missing on your Mac will be shown on the left side of the screen. Sort them by the path, type or the date created. That way, it will be easier to pinpoint the particular files you are looking for and make the data recovery from Mac trash effective. After you have seen and selected the files you want to recover, click “Recover” on the tool to begin to return the files back to your system.

How is this Possible?

You must be wondering how it is even possible that a file that has not only been deleted by you but has been flushed out of the Trash Bin on Mac can still be recovered. Well, when you delete a file on Mac, it is only the entry of the file that is removed from your hard drive directory; the file itself is not removed. The space it once occupied is marked as free and is made available for new files to be put there.

With the uFly, you can find the lost file and recover it.

Whether you accidentally delete your important files from the trash or even go further by emptying a Trash Bin that contains very important files,uFly tool is a very good data recovery from Mac tool that helps ease your worries.

Or maybe you deleted your files completely by using the shortcut: “Shift + Del”, you can always count on these new data recovery tools to help you out.

In the final analysis, it is important to take precautions and be sure that before deleting the files in your Trash Bin, you no longer need those files else it can cause a lot of pain and avoidable hardship and stress.

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