How To Do Mac Data Recovery of MS Word Files

You have your word document on your Mac organized in folder and everything is fine. However, in rare situations accidents can happen and anyone can lose any type of file unwillingly. Here is how to effectively recover MS word file from your Mac computer.

The most effective way to recover your Microsoft Word file on your Mac is to use data recovery software that works on Mac. Bellow we will explain the method of recovering your files fast and easy using the two best software options. We decided to present you two software options because in that way we can assure transparency!

Recover MS word file using uFly

uFly is not only a Mac data recovery software. It is also used for recovering lost files from iPhone, iPad or any other iOS or Mac OS device. In our case however, we will use it to recover files from Mac. The first step you want to do is visit the download link and get the latest version of the software for Mac.

After you install the software you need to do a thorough scan of the folder in which your word file was located. There are two scan options, use the fast scan if you have deleted the file in the same day. The quick scan will quickly find the file, because not so many changes occurred in meantime in your memory. However, if few days passed, or uFly can’t find the document with the quick scan, use the deep scan.

The software may take a while to do an effective scan. After you see the lost files, select them and recover them with one click. It is as easy as that.

Recover MS word file using iSolve

iSolve is one of the best data recovery software. It is similar to uFly and both have their advantages and cons. However, at their core they are very similar. So, you may want to use both if you can’t find the file, because they may work differently in various cases. Again the process with the iSolve software is really similar to the EaseUS. You need to download the software, do a quick or a thorough scan and recover the found files. However, CleverFiles may arguably have better finding rate than EaseUS, according to several sources. This is not backed up though.

Final Thoughts

The good news after you accidentally delete or lose MS word files on your Mac is that you can retrieve them. The best method of retrieving them is using Mac software for data recover. Data can be recovered most effectively with uFly or iSolve. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference, but one thing is certain, these two are the best in the data recovery software niche. They are free and easily available on the Internet. Both are intuitive and you don’t need to be tech savvy to scan, find and recover your lost files.

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