Easy Ways to Excel Data Recovery

Mac data recovery is easier than it seems. There is large amount of data saved in Excel in form of worksheet especially at the corporate level and it may be erased mistakenly or deliberately. Thanks to special software that has made the job easier by offering data recovery with accurate results. There is hard work involved in editing those worksheets and getting them lost is the worst thing that can happen. Why not use some software to retain those important files and get started with the work.

 There is a high chance of getting data back but not all of it.


Excel comes with an AutoRecover option that is designed to retain unsaved workbooks in case Excel crashes or gets corrupted somehow. There is an opportunity to recover some of the work with the help of Document Recovery pane. This recovery is limited and enables getting only those spreadsheets back which were open at the time Excel crashed. What about other files or older ones? For that, there is software for Mac data recovery.


The task is apparently complicated but in reality, it’s quite easy. There are recovery software that help recover data within a few minutes. Connect any storage device to computer and scan it with free data recovery software for Excel recovery. All lost files will be retained instantly. The process is quick, secure and convenient.Mac data recovery, easy ways to Excel Data Recovery

Free version

If data is less than 500 MB, there is a free version of recovery software for Excel recovery. Give it a try to make the task easier and get back data which is accidentally lost or because of any technical errors in the software or hardware.

Pro version

For a larger amount of Mac data recovery, pro version of recovery software is available.

Comprehensive data recovery

Many times data can be lost owing to several issues. Recovery software has resolved the issue. It is the right answer to all mishaps such as accidental emptying of Recycle bin, power outage, virus attack, failed bootup, partition damage and so on.

How it works

After getting installed, software scans media with files to be retained and brings out recoverable data after working for some time. It also discovers lost partitions that can be recovered. It detects bad sectors on the surface of the driver, enhancing the possibility of recovering as much data as it can. So, its best tool for Mac data recovery.

Stop worrying about deleted files because these can be retained easily with recovery software. If data is deleted only a few minutes ago and is not saved for days or weeks on the disk, it’s not a big deal for the software. Quick Scanning acts fast if you scan it immediately. When a user deletes any file, only the name is removed; contents are still on the drive. Quick Scan digs deeper and brings out a list of recently deleted worksheets within a short time saving you time, effort and energy.

With Deep Scan reconstructing lost files and restructure them based on binary structures is possible. Deep scanning module of recovery software knows 200 file signatures. So, it gives an option of recovering almost all types of files in a short span of time.

Data recovery for Mac is simple and quick with specific software.

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